Become a LAWA Member


LAWA members become active volunteers of the organization and its membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the organization’s goals. Most gatherings take place at the Mint Museum at 2730 Randolph Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207. Please refer to the  Calendar of Events for further dates, locations, and activities

LAWA Membership Benefits

  • Attend LAWA Workshops free of charge
  • Receive discounted admission to selected events
  • Discover opportunities to interact with members to build relationships at meetings, workshops, and events
  • Enjoy networking for personal and professional development
  • Immerse yourself in culture and Spanish language
  • Promote your business to the growing Latino market
  • Recruit qualified bilingual talent
  • Learn new life and technical skills to enhance your career
  • Easily locate volunteer opportunities

LAWA Membership Levels (Annual Rates)

LAWA Membership Categories:

  • $50.00 - Individual Member
  • $25.00 - Student / Senior Member
  • $100.00 - Small Business  Membership
  • $250.00 and above - Honorary Member

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